How do you achieve your ideal lifestyle?

Many would say the key is to surround yourself with the things that you love.
It was only during the process of sorting through my own belongings, in search of a more comfortable life, that I truly realized the power of our possessions.

The items we love can uplift us and bring us feelings of enjoyment, vitality, and healing and can also bring back joyful memories of our travels.

So, with the hope of creating a place where I can help people to find these precious items, I decided to open taliki.

Something else that was important to me was to use taliki to introduce and showcase the works of the many wonderful craftspeople and artists who live in my beloved Okinawa. It is the abundant nature and laid-back atmosphere of this island that I believe provides the inspiration for their fine works.

Store Owner: Mari Inafuku
Born in 1979 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Studied in the U.S. from the age of 18.
Majored in videography and photography.
After returning to Japan, she worked as an assistant in Tokyo before becoming a photographer but soon moved to Okinawa.

When decluttering her house in the hope of achieving a simpler life, she came up with the idea of turning her home into a guest house.

While raising her three children and running a lodging business with her husband, her strong interest in homeware led her to open a lifestyle shop.