Oshi Nakamura & Satomi Nakamura

Opened a pottery school called “Terakoya” in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo in 2012.

At the same time, they started their creative works under the name "nakamurakenoshigoto."

Moved to Yomitan Village, Okinawa in 2018.

Many people, including myself, prefer to live in Nanjo City, where the balance of nature and accessibility to the city is just right. About three years after moving to Okinawa, the couple found the ideal land with a view of the ocean and completed their house and studio.It is also an experimental place that embodies their ideal lifestyle. Every detail has been carefully designed to create a sophisticated space.

When I interviewed them, their story began with rather unexpected words, “we don’t really think of ourselves as potters.”

Their creative activities began from a desire to make their homeware with their own hands as much as possible. This is why they create a wide range of things; from tableware, lampshades, and vases to objects by Oshi, and from accessories to leather goods by Satomi. 

When creating tableware, for example, the idea starts with Satomi who then has Oshi make them in the desired shape.  After a lot of trial and error by Oshi, only the items that meet the requirements of being both easy to use as serving dishes while also having a beautiful shape will remain as their standard products. 

Their products are made by using a mixture of half porcelain clay and half pottery clay which results in pieces with a sharp yet soft texture. Their works provide the impression of anonymity and simplicity, but also the warmth of handcrafted works. This is the reason why I am strongly attracted to nakamurakenoshigoto.