Naomichi Sato

Naomichi Sato (bonoho)
Started working as a sculptor around 2000
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany in 2008 and after returning to Japan, started ceramic art
Opened his ceramics shop “bonoho” in 2012

“Without being rude, I must say that Mr. Naomichi Sato doesn’t look at all like your typical ceramic artist.”The items of bonoho are so popular that they have been sold out at every exhibition in recent years and maybe better described as "ceramics made by a sculptor" rather than simply "items made by a potter."

Naomichi and his wife Makoto live in a quiet residential area in southern Okinawa. Their house, studio, and store are all situated together on their spacious property. Naomichi built the studio from the ground up and everything from the renovation of his home, to the planting of the garden, to the fixtures in the shop were all done by him.

“Creativity is the essence of life.”This is what comes to mind when I see him.His works are full of playfulness, which can be seen in things such as his rusty tin decorations, his experimental wooden cups, and the pictures he draws with his children.

From the series of picture plates popular for their pop designs to simple white plates and animal objects, all have a story to tell and the ability to evoke deep feelings.

They give people an indescribable sense of elation when looking at or holding one of his pieces of work.I hope everyone can have the opportunity to see his creations.